06 Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai! (Sub)

“The Atoned… Messiah (Innocent)”
“Shokuzai no… Inosento” (贖罪の…救世主(イノセント)) 

Yūta’s cohort, Makoto Isshiki, comes to Yūta for counsel in the wake of accepting an unknown adoration letter, supposing it may be from Shinka. When he goes over Rikka’s clubroom to converse with Yūta, he takes the stand concerning Shinka’s actual nature as she fights with Sanae. As Makoto is instantly advised by Shinka to overlook what he saw, he incidentally drops his scratch pad, containing a positioning of the young ladies in school. It is soon found by one of the young ladies and is conveyed to the class’ consideration, which Makoto reluctantly claims up to so as to ensure alternate young men, unexpectedly offering to shave his head in statement of regret. In the wake of being compelled to proceed with it, Makoto goes to the meeting point, yet the author doesn’t appear. Soon thereafter, Yūta is drawn nearer by Tōka, requesting that he go along with her and Rikka on their mid year excursion.