Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Kirameki no… Slapstick Noel

“Glimmering… Explosive Festival (Slapstick Noel)”
“Kirameki no… Surappusutikku Noeru” (煌めきの… 聖爆誕祭(スラップスティック・ノエル)) 

Some time after Rikka comes back to the school, the pack hosts a Christmas gathering at Sanae’s house. Of course, Rikka tries to take the chance to enhance her association with Yūta, while Makoto tries to get nearer to Kumin with no achievement and Shinka continues contending with Sanae. In any case, the circumstance gets considerably more rushed when Rikka and Sanae get tipsy after eating some alcohol cake. After Rikka gets sleeping, Yūta brings her home with him, yet before coming back to their loft, they wind up taking an uncommon vessel ride where they have some quality time until whatever is left of the posse additionally shows up there, much shockingly. The still smashed Sanae then causes a tumult about how Rikka continues discussing Yūta, practically dropping Rikka from the vessel, however Yūta figures out how to catch her in time, while Sanae falls over Shinka, kissing her unintentionally. At long last back home, Yūta is gone by Rikka, wearing a dark Santa dress to offer him Merry Christmas.

Year Released: 2013