Fairy Tail 7 (Sub) -014


Laxus defeats Jura after a heated battle, bringing Fairy Tail to first place. Gray and Juvia then defeat Lyon and Sherria, while Erza activates her Second Origin to don the invincible Nakagami Armor, allowing her to defeat Minerva as well. As their last opponent, Sting comes out of hiding and challenges Fairy Tail, intending to claim victory by taking out all five battle-weary wizards at once. Stunned at the wizards’ determination and unable to fight them, Sting surrenders, allowing Fairy Tail to finally win the Grand Magic Games. Millianna then reunites Sting with Lector, having found the Exceed during the games. When Hisui tells Darton that Sting’s surrender is the “impossible” outcome, she initiates Eclipse 2, the Eclipse Cannon.