Unbeknownst to humans, demons from an overlapping dimension walk amongst them in the streets of Tokyo. The balance between the worlds is kept by the crow guardian Karas and Yurine, its master and voice of the living city. However, the time of harmony nears the end as the once-Karas Lord Eko returns. Seeking to purge humanity for its evils, he terrorizes the city with his minions that feast on human blood. The ultimate battle between good and evil awaits; can Yurine and her newly initiated Karas prevail against Lord Eko and protect their city against his monstrous horde?

Alternate name: 鴉 -KARAS-; Crow; Raven; Karas: The Prophecy; Karas: The Revelation
Year Released: 2005-2007
Genres: , , ,

(English Subbed)

Status: Completed

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