One Piece: Heart of Gold (Sub)

Prequel to One Piece Film: Gold.

It tells a prequel story to the upcoming One Piece Film Gold, and features an original antagonist, Mad Treasure. The character, called “The Evilest Treasure Hunter in History,” has the ability of the Jyara-jyara Fruit that makes him able to pull out chains from his body. He receives a mission from Gild Tesoro to find a legendary treasure “Pure Gold” and is looking for a girl named Orga who holds the key to it. She is incidentally rescued by The Straw Hat Pirates. But Nami, who once met Mad Treasure in the past, brings back her ominous memory by meeting him again.

Alternate name: ワンピース ~ハートオブ ゴールド~; One Piece Heart of Gold
Year Released: 2016